Oracle database licensing optimization

How we saved 26% of the cost of licenses


Major Media and telecommunications company


  • -26% on licensing and support costs
  • Usage of released licenses for the future project
  • Usage of released resources for the future project
  • 100% Compliancy on Oracle Database licenses



The customer had a multi-million contract with Oracle. He wanted to reach two main objectives:
– Maintain compliancy with Oracle licensing
– Optimize licensing and save money


The solution was handled in several stages:

Phase 1 Assessment
Customer assessment (needs, limits, business impacts) and data collection through Ercole Software Asset Management that provided database and licenses automatic inventory.

Phase 2 Analysis
After collecting all data and evaluating all active services, we created a report with evidences, and we showed to the customer the remediation plan to get all possible benefits from their current cloud environment and agreed on the next steps.
Main remediation was:
– Move Moving of DB Servers on VM to another cluster in order to consolidate
– Capping of VM CPU
– Removinge nodes from oversized cluster
– Relocatinge Instances over some cluster in order to consolidate

Phase 3 Remediation plan
The remediation plan included only actions that was easy to implement and provide a significant cost optimization.


Thanks to Ercole, the open source software asset management we were able to track customer’s Oracle Database and licenses.

We provided a detailed report on improvements and actions to be taken to optimize Database licensing.

This analysis resulted in the client saving 26% on the licensing and support costs.

Furthermore, thanks to the data that Ercole proactively collects, it is possible to continue to maintain the infrastructure optimized over time.


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