Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cost Optimization

How we cut cloud costs by 25%


Leading energy company


  • -25% of cloud costs
  • Instant optimization and proactively maintained by Ercole and Sorint services
  • Ease implementation of recommendations



On the occasion of the renewal of the contract/subscription relating to the consumption of cloud resources planned for the next three years, the customer wanted to analyze the efficiency of the utilization of the cloud resources used by its infrastructure.

Customer’s needs were:

  • To reduce daily cost by 50€ (10%)
  • To maintain agility and speed
  • To maintain security and resiliency


The solution was handled in several stages:

Phase 1 Assessment
Customer assessment (needs, limits, business impacts) and data collection through Ercole Software Asset Management that provided cloud costs optimization hints.

Phase 2 Analysis
After collecting all data and evaluating all active services, we edited a report with evidences, and we presented to the customer the remediation plan to get all possible benefits from their current cloud environment and agreed on the next steps.

The 10 criteria followed for these first 2 phases were:

Computing instance rightsizing Old Snapshot – Backup decommissioning
Block storage rightsizing Idle compute instance decommissioning
Object storage optimization Resource scheduling
Unused resource decommissioning Unused storage decommissioning
Software infrastructure services rightsizing Unused service decommisioning

Phase 3 Remediation plan

The remediation plan included specific actions such as:

  • Easy to implement/great result
  • Easy to implement/low result
  • Difficult to implement/great result
  • Difficult to implement/low result

According with the customer we focused on these actions:


Thanks to Ercole, the open source software asset management we were able to track customer’s Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

We provided a detailed report on improvements and actions to be taken to optimize cloud resources to reduce costs.

This analysis resulted in the client saving €125 per day (about 50.000€ per year) in cloud consumption.

Furthermore, thanks to the data that Ercole proactively collects, it is possible to continue to maintain the infrastructure optimized over time.

The success of this activity, lead to further analysis on the AWS cloud infrastructure and on Oracle Database licences, required by the customer which will be executed using Ercole.


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